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I have a baby Quaker who has developed splayed legs.† I am afraid it is a genetic problem as she has had a firm substrate to lay on and I've used the same material with all my babies and this is the first one to have this happen.† I pulled her at two weeks and she's now five weeks old.† When I realized what was happening, it was too late to correct.† Anyway, I have added Soar to her Exact hand-feeding formula at different times and each time I have, I've noticed she's pulled herself up on the one straight leg and is able to stand!† I feel that there is something in the Soar ingredients that is giving her the strength that just the Exact formula doesn't have.† Is this possible?† The first time I noticed it I didn't think about the Soar but have tried it since then and gotten the same results!† Any thoughts?† I've used your products and recommended them for quite some time and been very satisfied.† S.W.

Also, I want to tell you how pleased I am with your food product. I had previously ordered a sprout tower and food with the intent of trying it out, as I was somewhat skeptical.

At first, the birds ignored the sprouts, then began to pick, and now, clean up all their sprouts before eating their fresh vegetables. I do not like pellets, and my birds eat probably only 10-15% of their diet as pellets or Dr. Harveyís mixes. What sold me on your product is its consistency compared to other sprout mixes Iíve also tried. I donít know what it is, but I can count on your products to sprout like clockwork, making it easy to offer daily sprouts to everyone. They smell fresh and taste great! (Yes, I taste test everything my birds eat.)

It may be coincidence, but I have also noticed ALL the birds have even temperaments at one time and itís lasting day after day and there is a definite improvement in the mood, playfulness and interaction of my Eclectus. Based on my order, you can surmise I do not consider this a coincidence! Iím going to make your sprouts the major portion of their diet. Iíve never felt it necessary, or a product worthy of lavish praise until I tried yours. Itís no wonder everything Iíve ever heard about it is positive, and I can now add my voice.ī M.J.

Just wanted to let you know that Fresh Addition has played (in my honest opinion) an enormous role in helping my Congo African Grey regain his health after a serious bout of an illness of unknown origins.

Nikita was near death, spent 5 days in the hospital, and lost nearly 25% of his body weight early in August (2001). He has been home now, and Iíve been adding Fresh Addition to his baby formula twice a day to help boost him especially while on antibiotics like Baytril and Vibramycin.

Since being home from the hospital, Nikita has gained over 40 grams and how had a little kick to his bite. It is my greatest hope that he will at some point once again become interested in his regular food, especially the sprouts he used to love so much. Thanks for putting out such a great product. AND you can bet I will be putting out the word myself. E.B.

Thank you for your recent phone call asking about my sprout kit. My sun conure LOVES the sprouts, and prefers the Psittacine over the Micrograin, but she will eat them both. The tower and sprout jars make sprouting easy, your claims are 100% accurate. Itís easier to sprout than it is to make a pot of coffee! The two, five pound bags of seeds are more than enough to last for months with just one bird to feed. The stabilizer works well, although with our RO water, it is not necessarily needed. The supplement is pleasant smelling, and our bird also enjoys it. I have recommended your products to everyone I run into who has birds.

Could you please send me two 5lb jars of the universal? I am almost out and want to stock up; as my guys won't eat without it! Also, if you could send out 100lb of the small bird sprout mix and 100 lb of the large bird mix (my usual). Thanks a lot, you guys are a godsend. Since feeding your diet and nutritional supplement all 54 rescue birds in my care have had clean and clear avian panels AND have molted in all new beautiful feathers. The first time since rehabbing birds, my vet left giving everyone a complete thumbs up. Gone are the orange feet and eyes and inconsistent and discolored droppings from dye filled foods. Feeding this diet I have regained hours a day allowing me more time for environment enrichment. My Scarlet put on a 100g since his last check up, with all of it being muscle and needed body weight. So again, thanks. (Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but it is all true and I wanted you to know) J.W.

We have a 5 year old female Eclectus and recently added a 12 week old male Eclectus to our family. They are feed twice a day with the sprouts and their pick of various other food items. Every time it is feeding time the bowls of sprouts are always empty! Our girl is a picky eater and she hardly touches what used to be her favorite foods, but those sprouts are always gone. I worry that I give them too much sprouts, but at least it is all natural! I really have noticed a change in the sheen in her feathers (he is still new to us.) They both get several showers a week and love it. Recently I noticed the water beads and tends to roll off her feathers. This is new and I can only attribute it to the sprouts. Her attitude has also calmed down. And I don't think it's the new boy in town. It is truly amazing the change I have seen in her and she was a healthy bird before I changed her to sprouts. I can only imagine what it does for unhealthy birds! Thanks for a wonderful system for us to better provide for the ones we love. Thanks B.

I was recently visiting a friend in Chicago who has three pet parrots whom I had seen several times previously over the past 4 years or so. I was totally amazed when I visited her this past month, because her birds looked much different than in the past-their feathers were tighter and more colorful, and they just seemed healthier. She told me that the only thing that had changed was that she had been given some FRESH Addition by someone out west for her birds and that she had been feeding it for about four months. M.J.

"Our bird a Rose-Breasted Cockatoo (Galah) born in 1991 developed fat tumors in 2000. We tried different foods, exercises, etc. and many visits to the veterinarian. Finally she had surgery in 2002. She had to wear a collar because most of her feathers in her belly and under were gone. Once again we tried different kinds of foods advised by our vet but it was such a problem.We weighed her every day and sometimes it seemed as we were starving her.She was a very unhappy bird. Feathers started to grow, but every time we removed the collar she would pick at herself and would make a hole. It was so frustrating for both the bird and us. Finally we found Marjorie Ann's food(old China Prairie) in the internet and started her on it. Our bird has been completely free of the collar for the last six months; she walks all over and is a happy bird. She is able to maintain her weight normally and all her feathers are back. This food has made the difference between our Fossey having a miserable life and her new wonderful quality of life as well as her owners who are very happy with her." --S.O.