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3. How to Use Avian FRESH DietsTM

The Avian FRESH Program products are not only the finest avian diet concept you can feed, they are also easy to prepare. Our sprouting system supplies FRESH living food with only two to four minutes of effort per day. Compare that to the time you spend hauling, washing, chopping, or cooking the "fresh" items you are currently using! You need only to provide a space for the sprouting containers near a sink (our SPROUTTOWER works best). Check out the Avian FRESH Diet Parrot Food Starter Kits. They have everything you need to offer your bird the best meal it has ever had.

However, the Avian FRESH Program does include other types of food:

  1. "SHARE FOODS": It is important that you continue to share your food with your bird(s). Share anything that you enjoy (from tofu to ice cream), as long as it is in very small quantities. THIS IS VITAL COMMUNICATION!
  2. "REAL TREAT FOODS": These should be fed fresh and in season (berries in Spring, corn in Summer, apples in Fall, nuts and squash in Winter, etc.). Resist the Chilean grapes in December. We have forgotten, but the birds "know" the difference. Breeders take note: Your birds will respond to seasonal rhythms. Remember, a "treat" is no longer a treat if it happens every day.


4. FRESH StabilizerTM

Any fresh food is subject to attack by microorganisms. That is Nature's way of recycling what is no longer alive. Though AFD sprouts are less prone to degradation (they are alive) than the produce you bring home from the super market, FRESH Stabilizer assures you that undesirable microbes will not proliferate during the sprouting process. Unlike substances like bleach, FRESH Stabilizer is completely non-toxic yet is effective against nearly all pathogens, be they bacteria, mold, or virus. FRESH Stabilizer is more than 800% more effective against e. coli than bleach. This makes the Avian FRESH Diet Program safer than any other diet plan. Since FRESH Stabilizer is doing its work during each sprouting batch, you know that even any accidental contamination is being neutralized. How can you know if your batch of pellets is contaminated?

You can cook it too!

5. AFD Parrot Food Outperforms Any Soak and Cook!

The sprouting of the Avian FRESH Diet parrot food mixture will give you the best possible parrot food for the least effort. However, if you prefer to cook it, both Avian FRESH Diets will outperform any "soak and cook" mixture on the market. Simply soak overnight, bring to a boil, cover and simmer for ten minutes, stirring frequently. Apply FRESH Addition before serving. When you reorder, request your choice of Micrograin or Psittacine and FRESH Addition for a reduced price as you will not need the FRESH Stabilizer. Your birds will relish Avian FRESH Diet Parrot Food in its cooked form.